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Never Drop your phone again

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A Safety Belt
for High Tech Toys
Brought to you by Ivan Mudd, LLC
National Distributor
  • Sleek - Slim design
  • Simple - Easy to use
  • Smart - Works with
    most devices and users
  • Safe - Protects against
    accidental drops!
  • A revolutionary new Concept
  • Never Drop your phone again
  • Stay above wet surfaces
  • Elegant Design
  • Personalized!
  • Has a handy strap
Mobi-Grip Classic White
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Mobi-Grip Classic Black
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Mobi-Grip Black Logo
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Mobi-Grip Classic Zebra
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What is your phone worth?

Secure your expensive, slippery handheld devices from falling, damage or being left behind. Compliment your natural grip and enjoy feelings of safety, confidence and added stability. Mobigrip™ works with all types of handheld devices and for all ages. Express your style with every dial; customizing is available.

Simply peel and stick Mobigrip to the 'clean' underside of any handheld device and loop the micro bungee over

your finger to instantly secure the device in your hand. A perfect solution for cell phones, PDAs, MP3s, iPods™, voice recorders, digital cameras (some), glucose meters, tv remotes, navigators and more. So many devices!!!

Our micro bungee easily slips on and off the finger as needed, securing the device instantly in the palm area of your hand. When not in use, loop it around Mobigrip's circular body for a clean look.

Never Drop Your PHONE again